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Long Bright River

By Liz Moore


480 pages

What’s it about? Mickey and Kacey are sisters who grew up in a  working class Philadelphia neighborhood.  Although they were once close, they now no longer speak.  Kacey is an addict living on the streets of the old neighborhood, and Mickey is a patrol officer in that same neighborhood.  Then a string of murders hit the neighborhood and Kacey goes missing…..
What did it make me think about? The title of the book refers to the long bright river of departed souls from the opioid crisis.  This book made me think about addiction, gentrifying neighborhoods, the way we police those neighborhoods, and of course- family.
Should I read it? This was a great book!  One of my favorites so far this year.  This was a family drama wrapped up in a mystery.  It also gave me a glimpse into a world I do not live in.
Quote- “In a moment of clarity, once, Kacey told me that time spent in addiction feels looped.  Each morning brings with it the possibility of change, each evening the shame of failure.”

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