the next good book


By Marilynne Robinson


261 pages

What’s it about? Lila is the main character in this novel.She has a hard life for a lot of years and then one day she wanders into a church in a small Iowa town and her life is forever changed. This novel explores so many themes; redemption, loneliness, belonging, and love are among a few of the ideas that Robinson explores. Do our past experiences color how we see every situation? How do we come to have faith in something we cannot see? What happens to the many good people who have no faith? What did I think? I was so glad when I read the last page of this book!It was interesting and deep and wonderful but it was also slow at times.Having said that, I continue to think about the questions Marilynne Robinson asks. Should you read it? If you want to think deeply about meaningful subjects then this is the book for you.If you want to be quickly entertained then I would skip this novel.It was not difficult to read at all, but it was tedious at times.I would think “Lila” would make a good book club selection.So much to talk about! Quote- “What could the old man say about all those people born with more courage than they could find a way to spend, and then there was nothing to do with it but just get by?”

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