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Life Drawing

By Robin Black


247 pages

What’s it about? Augusta (Gus) and Owen move to the country to save their troubled marriage.  After a few quiet years Allison moves in next door.  Things quickly begin to unravel in Gus and Owen’s relationship.  The novel opens with Owen’s death- but what caused it?
What did it make me think about? This book was about the complexity of a long marriage.  It also touched onbetrayal, isolation, grief, and art.
Should I read it? So I must admit this novel sat on my bedside for months.  It has a cover that almost looks like a Harlequin romance.  It just put me off.  I am so glad I finally picked it up.  This was the best novel I have never heard of! It reminded me in some ways of “Rebecca” or “Wuthering Heights”.   So much atmosphere and tension- so many multi-dimensional characters.  This was a most unexpected surprise!
Quote-But Owen was Owen.  Owen was me.  I was Owen.  Anger and all.  Owen would walk into a room and I might well want to kill him-so to speak- but at the same time, for much of my life, I couldn’t really of told you where I left off and he began.  And then he died.  Leaving me standing at a window, staring into a landscape as though, well, as though he might just reappear one day.  Of course.” 

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