Life Among Giants


331 pages

Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach

What’s it about?
Mix rock stars, dancers, money launderers, restauranteurs, pro football, mental illness, and a double murder and you have the subplots of “Life Among Giants”.  What a book!  Every once in awhile a book sneaks up and surprises you.  For me- this was that book for 2015!  It was a totally unexpected surprise.  Where has Bill Roorbach been?

What did I think?
I loved it!  I really enjoyed the writing style in this novel.  Mr. Roorbach’s characters were amazingly interesting and fully drawn out.  The mark of a really good book for me is that I turn the last page, and I am so sorry it is over.  I know I am going to miss the amazing cast of characters that I have been spending time with the last week.   This was one of those books.
* This is a book that will appeal to both men and women.

Should you read it?
YES!  I stumbled upon this book while traveling.  Another great find in the staff picks at Powell’s books in Portland.   It always amazes me how many really good books go unnoticed!

“I attempted an end run, called up all my indignation: ‘What are you doing opening my mail?’
‘I’m your mother, David Hockmeyer, and I’ll open your mail when I see fit.  Do not change the subject.  Whose accusations?’
When you can’t tell a little, tell it all, tell it at length, tell it so thoroughly you never get to the end:  ‘You remember I mowed her lawn the other day?’
“I remember you didn’t mow ours.’”

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