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Life Among Giants


331 pages

Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach What’s it about? Mix rock stars, dancers, money launderers, restauranteurs, pro football, mental illness, and a double murder and you have the subplots of “Life Among Giants”.  What a book!  Every once in awhile a book sneaks up and surprises you.  For me- this was that book for 2015!  It was a totally unexpected surprise.  Where has Bill Roorbach been? What did I think? I loved it!  I really enjoyed the writing style in this novel.  Mr. Roorbach’s characters were amazingly interesting and fully drawn out.  The mark of a really good book for me is that I turn the last page, and I am so sorry it is over.  I know I am going to miss the amazing cast of characters that I have been spending time with the last week.   This was one of those books. * This is a book that will appeal to both men and women. Should you read it? YES!  I stumbled upon this book while traveling.  Another great find in the staff picks at Powell’s books in Portland.   It always amazes me how many really good books go unnoticed! Quote- “I attempted an end run, called up all my indignation: ‘What are you doing opening my mail?’ ‘I’m your mother, David Hockmeyer, and I’ll open your mail when I see fit.  Do not change the subject.  Whose accusations?’ When you can’t tell a little, tell it all, tell it at length, tell it so thoroughly you never get to the end:  ‘You remember I mowed her lawn the other day?’ “I remember you didn’t mow ours.’”

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