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Lethal White

By Robert Galbraith


647 pages

What’s it about? This is the fourth book in the Cormoran Strike detective series and I have enjoyed them all.  The series is written by Robert Galbraith- aka J.K. Rowling ofHarry Potterfame.  In the third book of the series we continue to follow Strike and his trusty sidekick Robin along as they unravel the clues to a mystery.What did it make me think about? Ms. Rowling seems to have a love for long novels and this is no exception.   In Ms. Rowling’s case- she is easily forgiven.  Her novels may be long but they are never boring.  Cormoran Strike is a complicated hero and we continue to root for his success.  I must say I am also rooting for Robin… Should I read it? Yes!  If you are a fan of detective novels (or just a page turner) then you will enjoy this one. Quote- “‘No’, lied Strike, because he knew what if felt like to have your personal details strewn across the newspapers.  It was kindest, if at all credible, to pretend you hadn’t read it all, politest to let people tell their own story.”

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