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Leave The World Behind

By Rumaan Alam


241 pages

What’s it about? Clay and Amanda drive away from Brooklyn with their two teenage children looking forward to a summer vacation on Long Island.  They have rented a nice house with a pool out in the countryside and envision barbecues and day trips to the beach.  On their second evening there is a knock at the door and their vacation changes. New York City is experiencing a blackout and the homeowners have returned to the country.  But is it safe?What did it make me think about? I could not help but to think of the beginning of the pandemic when I read this book.  Are we ever really prepared for our world to change? Should I read it? I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.  The story was suspenseful, but in a different way than I expected.  Mr. Alam’s observations on race, class, and even parenting are thoughtful, “Her distrust was not of her parents but of the world that they had made, and maybe she was right.” Quote- “They had asked themselves questions when they decided to have children- do we have the money, do we have the space, do we have what it takes- but they didn’t ask what the world would be when their children grew.”

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