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Land Of Love And Drowning

By Tiphanie Yanique


350 pages

What’s it about?
  The book takes place in the Virgin Islands.  It is a big family saga with lots of magical illusions that could only happen “in the islands”. What did it make me think about? This made me think about indigenous people everywhere.  What happens to a culture and a people when others decide they want the land they have always lived on? Should I read it? I thought this novel was going to drown me.  I say that not knowing if that was a good or bad feeling….   It depended on the part of the book I was on as to whether I was content to be drowning in the book, or fighting to get out of the depths of the Bradshaw family! If you are a fan of magical realism and love a big long saga then this is the book for you.  I found it dragged at times for me.  It has several narrators and some I liked more than others.  The writer has a promising future but parts of the novel were stronger for me than others. Quote- “Family can be like an anchor.  An anchor may tether you.  An anchor may also pull and sink your ship.”

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