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Klara And The Sun

By Kazuo Ishiguro


303 pages

​What’s it about? Klara is an AF (artificial friend) waiting in a store window when she first sees Josie.  Josie is a teenager and wants to buy Klara as soon as she sees her.  Josie asks Klara to wait for her- she promises to return.  Klara waits patiently, and as she waits we begin to see her kindness and her excellent observational abilities. When Josie comes back Klara can see that Josie is very ill and she is determined to help her. Klara will need all her skills to make a difference in this situation.
What did it make me think about? Loneliness, faith, and what constitutes a human being.
Should I read it? I can not tell you exactly why I like this book so much.  The plot and characters often seem opaque.  The glimpses Ishiguro gives us are thought provoking but so vague that different people will probably glean different messages.  A.I. presents so many interesting and troubling ethical questions.Klara and the Suntouches on some of these possibilities.   Just fascinating!
Quote- ” ‘Yes.  Until recently, I didn’t think that humans could choose loneliness.  That there were sometimes forces more powerful than the wish to avoid loneliness.’ “

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