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Killers of a Certain Age

By Deanna Raybourn


348 pages

What’s it about?

When Bille, Mary Alice, Helen, and Natalie decide to retire after forty years a few complications arise.  After all, not every 60-year-old plus woman is a hired assassin for a living.  The foursome soon discover that they are to be killed by order of their old bosses.  However, no one should underestimate these women…

What did it make me think about?

What a fun and thoroughly imaginative idea for a book.

Should I read it?

This is a plot-based book at it’s best.  Lots of action, heroines to cheer for, and some humor to keep it all light and fun.  I have never read another Deanna Rayburn book, but I am sure her other mysteries are equally as readable.  This is a book that most people will enjoy- especially “readers of a certain age”.


“I headed off, passing the bar where Hector stood polishing glasses and staring out to sea.  I would have waved, but he didn’t even notice me.  That’s the thing about being a sixty-year-old woman- no one notices you unless you want them to. That fact doesn’t do your ego any favors, but in cases like this, it was damned handy.”

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