the next good book

It Ends With Us

By Colleen Hoover


367 pages

What’s it about?

Lily is 23-years-old and living in Boston when she meets Ryle Kincaid.  She is instantly intrigued- but is this the man of her dreams?

What did it make me think about?

What is Lily going to decide?

Should I read it?

So literally everyone has told me to read this book and now I have. I am on a vacation with a stack of “beach books” on my nightstand and am happily reading through them.  I can see why this book has stayed on The NY Times bestseller list for so long.  It is quick, easy to read, and has both a love story and a plot that keeps you interested.


“The two times I have spent with Ryle were on days I’d probably rather forget.  My father’s funeral and spraining my ankle.  But somehow, him being present made them feel like less of the disasters they were.”

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