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Imagine Me Gone

By Adam Haslett


356 pages

​What’s it about? Margaret and John meet and fall in love. As they are planning their wedding John is suddenly hospitalized with debilitating depression.  Should Margaret carry on or escape from this union?  Margaret forges ahead and this novel looks at the repercussions of that decision.What did it make me think about? This is the story of one family living with mental illness. Should I read it? This was not an easy book to read.  Not because of the plot or the pace, but due to the subject matter.  I felt so badly for every member of the family- and make no mistake John’s mental illness touched everyone in the story.  I would highly recommend this book.  If you read to enlarge your experiences then don’t miss this one. Quote-“A few months ago, a fog blinded me, thicker than ever before.  I slept in the monster’s arms.  I felt it’s breath on my neck, its scaled stomach rising and falling against my back, its head and face invisible as always.  I couldn’t pretend anymore to Margaret that I was working.  The children receded into noises grating on my ears.   I stopped moving.”

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