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How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia

By Moshin Hamid


228 pages

What’s it about? This book follows an impoverished young boy as he moves from the countryside to the city and becomes a corporate tycoon in “rising Asia”.  Think you have read this before?  You are so wrong!  It is delivered in the guise of a self help book, but underneath it all it is a love story.  The structure of the book is off-putting at first, but over the course of the novel you begin to discover what a master Mr. Hamid is.  He manages to disarm your defenses with the self help aspect of the book.   You don’t see the depth of what he is writing about.  Not until it is too late and you are deeply moved by his story. What did it make me think about? This novel made me think about how difficult life in Pakistan must be.  By the end of the book you are brought back to the understanding that we all share the same human emotions no matter what our circumstances.  Really incredible and inventive writing! Should I read it? I really enjoyed “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”, and so I was excited to read Mr. Hamid’s latest book.  I liked this book even better than his previous book.  I highly recommend this novel. Quote- “You feel a love you know you will never be able to adequately explain or express to him, a love that flows one way, down the generations, not in reverse, and is understood and reciprocated only when time has made of a younger generation an older one.”

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