the next good book

Hotel Portofino

By J.P. O’Connell


369 pages

What’s it about?

After World War I Bella Ainsworth is ready for a new chapter in her family’s life.  She decides they should move from Britain to Portofino, Italy- where she and her husband honeymooned all those years ago.  She, her husband Cecil and their two grown children open the “Hotel Portofino”- and the story begins.

What did it make me think about?

Italy during the 1920’s was an interesting place to set this story.

Should I read it?

Well…..This is the last of the easy beach reads that I had put aside for vacation. It is a quick book- and the time and place of the novel were interesting. The story itself was a little contrived for me, but if you are looking for something light then this might be a good choice.


“Life in service was all about conformity.  Wear this apron.  Wash these pots.  Getup at this time.  Rebel, and you lost your job.

The solution was to make your acts of defiance small and discreet.”


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