the next good book


By Geraldine Brooks


401 pages

What’s it about?

This work of historical fiction takes us back to the world of horse racing in 1850’s Kentucky.  The story centers on the racehorse Lexington and his enslaved groom Jarrett.  Interspersed throughout the main story are two other storylines that add depth and nuance to our look back at history.

What did it make me think about?

Geraldine Brooks is a master at taking history and bringing it to life through her stories.

Should I read it?

Any fan of historical fiction should pick this book up.  Although essentially a troubling story- Ms. Brooks manages to convey hope just when you think it is all beyond repair.


“These nineteenth-century horses were stronger and healthier, capable of massive endurance as well as thrilling speed.  They ran four miles, you know- heats- up to three times in a single day.  They were tough.  They had to be.  Better for the horses and people loved it.  The races were much more fun to watch, many more tactics over a distance like that, and great rivalries.  The crowds that used to turn out- crowds they’s dream of an any modern track.”

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