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Happy & You Know It

By Laura Hankin


371 pages

What’s it about? Claire is replaced as the lead singer in an emerging band just as their first big hit comes out.  Nursing her wounds she quietly tries to make a little money as a playgroup musician to stay afloat.  She is hired to perform once a week for a group of toddlers and is soon enamored with their uber wealthy, instagram loving moms. What did it make me think about? Am I really wasting my time reading about these people?  Who cares what they do? Should I read it? OK- so again it could just be my mood.  Somehow, in a time of pandemics and racial strife, it is really hard to read a book about super wealthy New Yorkers whose problems are all of their own making.  I don’t think this book would have captured me in the best of times- but this week it hit the wrong note. Quote- “The instagram made her happy for another reason too: Hope was so small and unspoiled, and Whitney had been given the awe-inspiring power to shape her.”

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