the next good book


By Giulia Enders


258 pages

What’s it about? Young German scientist Giulia Enders paints a clear picture of what happens in your gut.  She talks about everything from reflux, to food intolerances, to how the bacteria in your gut may be affecting you.
What did I think? I was impressed that someone so young wrote this book.   Her explanations are clear and to the point- even silly on occasion.  She really did make the digestive system seem like the next new frontier in medicine.
Should you read it? I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in health or science.  I would also suggest this book to anyone with stomach issues.
Quote- “Every human being has the genes needed to digest lactose.  In extremely rare cases, problems with lactose digestion can occur from birth.  Such babies are unable to digest their mother’s milk and drinking it causes sever diarrhea.   In 75 percent of the world’s population, the gene for digesting lactose slowly begins to switch off as they get older.  This is not surprising, as by then they are no longer reliant on our mother’s milk, or formula milk, to nourish us.  Outside of Western Europe, Australia and the United States, adults who are tolerant to dairy products are a rarity.  Even in our parts of the world, supermarkets are full of lactose-free products.  Recent estimates say about 25 percent of people in the United States lose their ability to break down lactose-…”

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