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Grief Cottage

By Gail Goodwin


321 pages

What’s it about? This coming of age story centers around 11-year-old Marcus.  Marcus is sent to live with his elderly Aunt Charlotte after his mother suddenly dies in a car crash.  Set on the South Carolina beach this novel was an easy read. What did it make me think about? Childhood friendships and the particular viewpoint of adolescents. Should I read it? This book was like a really good “B” movie.  Enjoyable, probably not going to win any awards, but pretty entertaining. That is not too say that this book is poorly written- it is not. Quote- “What am I when I get past being a particular daughter, wife, mother, neighbor, friend?  What would be left of the essential me without any of my roles?  That was the first dead end I reached.  Maybe nothing will be left, I thought, I am my roles.”

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