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Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York

By Elizabeth Passarella


232 pages

What’s it about? Elizabeth Passarella works in journalism and has made a home in New York City.  In this memoir she discusses her Southern heritage, evangelism, marriage, parenting, and her love of  New York City.
What did it make me think about? Elizabeth Passarella would be fun to have dinner with.
Should I read it? I kept thinking that this book was having an identity crisis.  It was definitely a memoir but in what other category would it fit- Christian, parenting, marriage, humor?  Somehow Ms. Passarella makes it work- even though I am still not sure how to categorize this one.  It was enjoyable.  A step into a different life.  Plus who doesn’t love a woman who admits her faults!
Quote- “The whole calling New Yorkers elitist is not much of a sting, to start.  I’m not justifying it- only the shaman here- but, yeah, they are very happy to be elitist and do not consider this to be in any way an insult.  Explaining the gobsmacked misery that was New York the day after the election had as much to do with surprise as it did with the homogeneity of politics.  I’ll put it in terms my Southern beloved can understand: picture being at a bowl game between Auburn and, I don’t know, Brown, and Brown wins.”

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