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Ginny Moon

By Benjamin Ludwig


360 pages

What’s it about? Ginny Moon is 14-years-old.  After years in foster homes she has finally found her “forever home”.  Ginny will lie, steal, and even conspire in her own kidnapping in order to get back to her former life. What did it make me think about? This story is told through the eyes of Ginny- and she is an original!  Ginny is autistic and sees things in her own unique way.  The author does an incredible job of creating interesting characters and then placing those characters in a compelling situation. This novel makes you think about kids with special needs, kids in the foster care system, and those loving families that make room in their lives for children who are special. Should I read it? This book was so different.  My hats off to Benjamin Ludwig for writing  such a thoughtful and compelling story.  I must add that the book was also quick and easy to read.  The plot keeps you interested, and the characters keep you involved.  Lots to talk about when you finish this one!  Somebody read it and let’s go to lunch! Quote- “So right now I am in Room Five which is where I go for part of language arts with all the other special kids.  Because I have autism and developmental disabilities.No one told me yesterday there was going to be a meeting today.”

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