the next good book


By Helen Oyeyemi


258 pages

​So maybe it’s just me?  Lots of critics loved it…. “Exhilarating…A wildly imagined, head-spinning, deeply intelligent novel.” –The New York Times Book Review
Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi
What’s it about? I cannot even begin to explain the plot- or the characters.  It has something to do with fairy tales….   The writing is very pretty- just don’t ask me what it is about.What did it make me think about? This book made me think aboutUlyssesby James Joyce.  I hated that book!  I must have tried to read it three or four times.  Yet, it is always sited as one of the best books of all time.  So I actually took a class on Ulysses.When you go paragraph by paragraph and really take the time and effort to understand what is behind each passage, you can see the brilliance. I am sure this is another such novel.  I am sure this book is brilliant- but it left me dazed and confused. Should I read it? I predict it will win the Booker Prize this year.  Like all Booker Prize winners it is weird and somewhat hard to get through- but who knows…  you might love it.  Lots of critics loved it. Quote- “So Harriet maintains her point, which is that joining isn’t a question of effort or overextension thereof.  You miss your chance to join several generations before birth.”

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