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Four Winds

By Kristin Hannah


448 pages

What’s it about? Elsa has finally found the family she has longed for.  But it is Texas in the 1930’s and the land is unforgiving.  This story takes place during the Great Depression as many Americans suddenly found themselves living in a “dust bowl”.  The story follows Elsa as she tries to make a way forward for her family. What did it make me think about? What do we have to complain about? Should I read it? This novel was unrelentingly sad!  However, I am not sure how you would write a story about families affected by the dust bowl and not have it be sad.  I was lucky enough to have grandparents that were shaped by the Great Depression and I heard an echo of their stories in this book.  I am surprised at how much I ended up likely this book despite how depressing it was.  About page 250 I almost put it down, but I am so glad I kept reading.  I believe this is my favorite of Kristin Hannah’s books. If you have any interest in this time period you should read this one. Quote- “Once, Elsa would have said, God will provide, and she would have believed it, but her faith had hit the same hard times that had struck the country.  Now, the only help women had was each other”

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