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Forever Is The Worst Long Time

By Camille Pagan


267 pages

What’s it about? James narrates this story.  He is obviously looking back and telling this story to his child.  The story opens with James as a struggling young writer.   He goes to visit his best friend Rob and instantly falls in love with Rob’s  fiancée- Lou.  Lou epitomizes perfection for James and over the years no one ever seems to measure up. What did it make me think about? When will this be over? Should I read it? This book was just not for me.  It seemed melodramatic from the start.  Who writes a book to their child and and chooses to tell this story?  I even went so far as to look back at the reviews to see what made me pick it up.  Many people seem to love it so maybe I am too hard hearted…  I would describe this book as a romantic tearjerker.   So if you want to read a book that makes you root for a couple, then pull your hair out,  and then cry- this one is for you. Quote- “I would appreciate my life more.  I would do more and love more in the years that followed.  I would finish the things I started.”

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