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Florence Adler Swims Forever

By Rachel Beanland


304 pages

What’s it about?
It is 1934 in Atlantic City and the Adler’s are spending the summer, as they spend every summer, living in the apartment above their bakery while renters inhabit their house at the shore.  Joseph and Esther are happy to have Florence home for the summer from college, while their older daughter Fannie is on bedrest with a new baby on the way.  Florence is training to swim the English Channel later in the summer, while also helping to entertain her niece Gussie and new friend Anna.  Anna has just  arrived from Germany.  When a tragedy befalls the family everyone must pitch in and help.

What did it make me think about?
When is the sequel coming out?  I need to know what happens next….

Should I read it?
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.  Somehow it seemed old-fashioned and yet that was what I liked about it.  It was almost comforting to get so lost in these three generations of characters and the world they inhabit.   Despite the initial tragedy- this is book about family, love, and hope.  Pick this one up if you want to get lost in another place for awhile!  ***It would also make a great gift for Grandma as there is nothing offensive in this book at all.

“Esther stiffened.  Mothers today were so much more demonstrative than those of Esther’s generation had been.  She wasn’t sure what it got them, other than whining children.”

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