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Finders Keepers

By Stephen King


431 pages

What’s it about? This novel combines murder, suspense and the love of books into a page- turner. What did I think? I had to suspend my disbelief at times, but this was a book with a great plot, great villain, and even better crime fighting heroes. Should you read it? “Finders Keepers” is said to be the middle book in a trilogy that began with “Mr. Mercedes”.   Bring on book #3! Quote- “For readers, one of life’s most electrifying discoveries is that they are readers- not just capable of doing it (which Morris already knew), but in love with it.  Hopelessly.  Head over heels.  The first book that does that is never forgotten, and each page seems to bring a fresh revelation, one that burn and exalts:Yes!  I saw that, too!And of course, That’s what I think!  That’s what I FEEL!”

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