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Favorites of 2021

So many great books in 2021.  I chose these for a variety of reasons. Plot-driven favorites- What happened to Owen?   Another great science-laden adventure story from Andy Weir.   These books made me think…. Patricia Lockwood certainly writes from the perspective of her generation.   One of my favorite authors turned his attention to A.I.  What constitutes a “real person”?   Richard Powers makes us think about our relationships with each other- and our relationship with the planet.   Interesting to look back at the beginning of Covid and the effect on our lives.   My favorite historical fiction Maggie O’Farrell has taken a thin outline from the life of William Shakespeare and filled it in with her version of the story.   Robert Jones Jr. is a beautiful storyteller. This book is told in many different voices- from slaves to slaveowners. It is heart wrenching and affirming at the same time.   Just suspend your disbelief and go along for the ride on this one.  The Lincoln Highway is a story full of unique characters that takes place over a span of 10 days.   And of course just some good stories…   But who ever really knows the experience of another?”     Mizuki has chosen to stay at home after she had children.  She lives in a beautiful high rise in Tokyo with her well-providing husband and two great children- so why does it all feel so hard?   What an unusual and compelling book!  Claude is my favorite literary character of 2021 (ok- it is only January 10th…).  This book was uneven, funny, heartbreaking, and so very readable.   “So: If nobody sees you, are you still there?”    

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