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Everything Happens For A Reason

By Kate Bowler


166 pages

Everything Happens For A Reason and other lies I’ve loved by Kate Bowler What’s it about? Kate Bowler is an assistant professor of theology at Duke Divinity School.   Her area of study is the prosperity gospel- the idea that all the good fortune in our lives is a blessing from God and all the misfortune is a sign of God’s disapproval.  At the age of 35 Kate is a young professional, wife, and mother, but then she is diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.   This is her story. What did it make me think about? This book was so honest, and sad, and funny- yes funny.  ​“Laceye learns where all the diaries are kept that I would rather not leave for posterity.  The diary of twelve-year-old Kate will be allowed to remain, because it is a daily account of what boy named Colin was doing and I am convinced that if Colin committed a crime in 1992 and is later put on trial, my diary is so thorough that it would either convict or exonerate him.”This story, which is tragic in many ways, would have been too much to bear if Kate Bower did not view the world with humor. Should I read it? So, this is my 2nd book in a row that I saw on some list and picked up from the library on my way to the airport.  No turning back now….  luckily two pages in I was hooked. So how do people of faith handle death and dying?  How does this fit in to the idea of a prosperity gospel?   In this book Kate Bower sheds some light on her own journey, and also shares some ideas of how to help those who are working through difficult experiences.  Interesting indeed….. Quote- “But what gives the prosperity movement breadth and depth for many is its thorough accounting for the pain of life, and for the longing we have for restoration.  Those Americans trapped in failing bodies or broken relationships  or the painful possibility that their lives may never be made whole can turn to this message of hope.  If it is a game- with rules for success that anyone can use- then maybe they can win.” “I failed to love what was present and decided to love what was possible instead.I must learn to live in ordinary time, but I don’t know how.”

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