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Early Morning Riser

By Katherine Heiny


317 pages

“The funniest novel of the year.” –The Washington Post
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What’s it about?
When Jane moves to Boyne City, Michigan to start a job as a second grade teacher she does not expect to fall in love with the town’s biggest ladies man.  Jane easily falls into a relationship with Duncan.  However, Jane adds not only Duncan to her life- but a  whole cast of characters come along with this relationship.  As Jane’s relationship with Duncan (and the town) slowly  evolve we see how her life, loves,  and perspectives change.
What did it make me think about?
This book (much like life) rewards those who stick with it.  I read and loved “Standard Deviation” by Katherine Heiny a few years ago and have been waiting for her next book.

Should I read it?
This novel was such a sweet, warm story. It’s pace and character driven plot reminded me of “Empire Falls” by Richard Russo (which I loved twenty years ago).  If you are looking for a story with humor, love, and hope this is a good summer pick.

“Jimmy ducked his head in a pleased way.  It was so easy to make Jimmy happy.  It was actually easy to make almost anyone happy.  Why didn’t she do more of it?”

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