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Dark August

By Katie Tallo


433 pages

What’s it about? Gus is twenty-years-old and living with her grifter boyfriend when she gets the news her great-grandmother is dead.  Both of Gus’s parents were cops and they both died when she was a child.  Her great-grandmother was left the task of looking after Gus. When Gus returns home she finds a trunk with a bunch of old papers.   She quickly becomes consumed in a cold case that her mother was working when she died.  How did her mother die?  Was it an accident or murder? What did it make me think about? Who did it? Should I read it? This book started out a little slow.  Gus was not immediately likable and I just wasn’t sure how much I was going to care about these people.  I stuck it out  and I really enjoyed this book.  It is more plot than character driven- but the plot keeps you reading and Gus turned out to be a pretty great character.  I would recommend this one to all the mystery readers out there. Quote- “He says he remembers her.  Gus can tell he doesn’t.  Memories have a way  of dancing in your eyes.  Like embers in a campfire pit.  His eyes don’t dance.”

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