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Calling Me Home

By Julie Kibler


322 pages

What’s it about? Isabelle McCallister is a 90-year-old white, widow living in East Texas.  Over time she has developed a close relationship with her black hairdresser;  a much younger, single mom named Dorrie.  Isabelle and Dorrie take a road trip together that will change them both. What did it make me think about What makes a friend? Should I read it? I found this book to be contrived at times and slightly simplistic.  However the characters were interesting and the story draws you in.  If you want a quick read that has some twists and turns, but ties all the loose threads up in the end, then this is the book for you. Quote- “It’s funny how sometimes you find a friend- in the likely places-and almost immediately, you can talk about anything.  But More often than not, after the initial blush, you find you really have nothing in common.  With others, you believe you’ll never be more than acquaintances.  You’re so different, after all.  But then this thing surprises you, sticking longer than you ever predicted, and you begin to rely on it and that relationship whittles down your walls, little by little, until you realize you that one person better than almost anyone.  You’re really and truly friends>”

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