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Bridge Of Clay

By Markus Zusak


534 pages

Bridge of Clay by Marcus Zusak
What’s it about? The five Dunbar boys are living on their own with a wide range of pets and very little supervision.  Matthew is barely old enough to serve as guardian to the other four boys and chaos and order seem to exist in equal measures. Towards the beginning of the book Matthew writes, “Let me tell you about our brother. The fourth Dunbar boy named Clay. Everything happened to him. We were all changed through him.” And so we are introduced to Clay.  The heart of the book. This novel is about a family being held together by stories, love, and loyalty.
What did it make me think about? This is a story of family- specifically a story of brothers.   I will miss the Dunbar boys!  They may be some of my favorite literary characters of late.  I must add that although “The Book Thief” was a young adult book- this selection is not!
Should I read it? OK- so this is one long, big, hot-mess of an extraordinary book.  This one will not be for the faint of heart.  You have to be willing to sacrifice to make it through this book and then you will be richly rewarded.  Markus Zusak is a beautiful, brilliant writer and although I am not sure exactly what this book is- it touched my heart and I would highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in the effort!
Quote- “People got it ​wrong. ​They thought it was Penny’s dash and our father leaving that made what we were- and sure, it definitely made us rowdier and harder and hardier, and gave us a sense of fight- but it isn’t what made us tough.  No, in the beginning it was something more. It was the wooden, the upright. ​The piano.”

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