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Blind Your Ponies

By Stanley Gordon West


574 pages

What’s it about?

This book reminded me of a Western version of Hoosiers- with a lot more backstory.  It is a sweet story about overcoming obstacles and the power of teamwork.

What did it make me think about?

Look what can happen to a self published novel.

Should I read it?

At 574 pages this is a commitment but it’s detailed characters and the setting make it worth the time.  Granted it can be a touch wordy but who doesn’t like a feel good story?


“I’ve always been haunted by the Indian legend I first heard when I came to Montana. Crow Indians were camped along the Yellowstone River near present day Billings.  Warriors, returning from a long hunting trip, found the camp decimated by smallpox, their wives, mothers, children, all dead.  They were so overcome with grief, sure they would join their loved ones in another life, that they blinded their ponies and rode them off a sixty-foot cliff.”

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