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Black Bear Lake

By Leslie Liautaud


182 pages

What’s it about?

This coming of age story takes a look at how childhood trauma can later affect your adult life. Adam Craig finds himself stalled in his thirties and decides to take a look back at the summer of 1983 and try to figure out how he ended up at this place.  Set in the northern Wisconsin woods in an age before Internet, social media, or cell phones this story has a unique setting and a dramatic plot line.

What did it make me think about?


Should I read it?

I must say that Leslie Liautaud is a dear friend of mine and I have so enjoyed reading her stories over the years.  So, I may not be completely unbiased- but I really enjoyed this book! I can alway spot Leslie’s background in theater because she has a strong sense of drama and her dialogue is spot on.  This story has strong characters and such a sense of place.  I would say that the Northern Wisconsin camp was a character in itself.  Our book club read an early rendition of this novel and found so much to talk about.  So if you like drama, coming of age stories, and descriptive writing do not miss this book!

*I am hoping a new book will be coming soon?


“A symphony of crying toddlers, barking dogs, suitcase zippers, and children calling in search of misplaced swimsuits floated out from the various cabins I passed while running to the top of the blue stone pathway.  I did not stop to greet my extended family.  I would have time later to answer questions about my schoolwork, my growth spurt, and whether I’d found a girlfriend.”

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