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Billy Summers

By Stephen King


514 pages

What’s it about? Billy Summers is an ex-Marine sniper who now uses his skills for hire.  He justifies his career choice by only killing “bad men”.  He is taking one last lucrative job and planning his retirement- but of course nothing goes as planned. What did it make me think about? Stephen King is the master of the plot-driven novel. Should I read it? This book started out a little slow for me but soon picked up steam.  Who doesn’t love a book with a complicated good guy, a little romance, and lots of action? Quote- “The dumb self might be a shuck, but this is true: he only does bad people.  It’s how he sleeps at night.  It goes without saying that he has made a living working for bad people, yes, but Billy doesn’t see this as a moral conundrum. He has no problem with bad people paying to have other bad people killed.  He basically sees himself as a garbageman with a gun.”

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