the next good book


By Annie Proulx  (final)

Final thoughts…My dad made it through 200 pages and threw in the towel.  I think he liked it even less than I did.  Maybe this a masterpiece to some, but I can not recommend it.  In my humble opinion- the writing is exemplary.  The plot and pacing is not.So I am 400 pages in to this novel and am ready to leave on vacation.  This book weighs a thousand pounds and is not making it into my luggage- for more than one reason….  It is written beautifully, but I am just not loving it enough to haul it around.  So far is a lot of pages in to want to leave it behind…  What the heck???   Too many characters, too little plot, and I have run out of time to see if this “masterpiece” is ever going to turn around for me.    Yes- it is being hailed a masterpiece.So what to do….  Appeal to my dad to read this big old book and let us all know what he thinks.  No one loves history more (and this is an impeccably detailed historical account of the logging industry in Canada)  so he is my perfect reviewer.  Thanks Dad!I will add his review below when he sends it to me.  I am anxiously awaiting his opinion…To be continued…..

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