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Anxious People

By Frederik Backman


336 pages

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What’s it about? A group of strangers are all looking for an apartment.  They happen to be at the same open house when someone runs into the apartment waving a gun.  There has been an attempted bank robbery on the same block and the robber is trying to evade the police.  What was once a robbery is now a hostage situation.What did it make me think about? My mom always said to me, “Everyone is doing the best they can.”  It seems to be a common theme in  Frederik Backman  novels.  I think this is what draws me to them.  My mom would love Frederik Backman! Should I read it? Full disclosure- I hated the first half of this book.  I actually deeply considered giving up on it altogether.   Before quitting I decided to look at some of the reviews- everyone loved this book!  So I decided to keep reading.  The second half of the book was much stronger for me that the first.  I am not sure if it was my mood or what- but I hated the beginning of this book.  It was SO wordy and actually quite boring.  The big question is whether the second half of the novel makes the first half worth it…    I love Frederick Backman’s  messages of hope, but I have enjoyed some of his books more than others.​A Man Called OveandBeartownare two favorites thus far.  I am in the lone minority of not LOVING this latest novel.  The end did almost make the pain of the first half worth bearing. Quote- “Everyone in the apartment was wrestling with their own story.”

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