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Another Brooklyn

By Jacqueline Woodson


170 pages

What’s it about? This novel looks back in time to Brooklyn in the 1970’s.  August is a young girl living with her father and her brother and slowly figuring out that her mother may not be coming back.  August is one of four friends and they mean everything to each other.  As they grow up and move apart we see a story of two Brooklyn’s.
What did it make me think about? I was amazed at the beautiful prose in this book.  The writing is incredible.  I gather that Ms. Woodson has written for the young adult audience for a number of years.  I am so glad she is writing for the rest of us as well.
Should I read it? This book is more like a long short story.  It is so fast and so beautifully written that I highly recommend it.  Just find a couple of hours and you will finish this book in one sitting.
Quote- “Maybe this is how it happened first for everyone- adults promising us their own failed futures.  I was bright enough to teach, my father said, even as my dream of stepping into Sylvia’s skin included one day being a lawyer.  Angela’s mom had draped the dream of dancing over her.  And Gigi, above to imitate every one of us, could step inside anyone she wanted to be, close her eyes, and be gone.  Close her eyes and be anywhere.”

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