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And Now We Have Everything

By Meaghan O'connell


226 pages

And Now We Have Everything by Meaghan O Connell What’s it about? Meaghan O’ Connell is in her late twenties when she finds herself engaged to be married, and then unexpectedly pregnant.  This is the story of her journey into motherhood. What did it make me think about? This is a honest look at a hard transition in life.  Meaghan is brutal about the good and bad of becoming a mother before she was ready.  Not only how it changed her body- but how it changed all the relationships in her life. Should I read it? A big takeaway from this book is how self-aware people are these days.  I am sure social media has played a role in this- and this trend is endlessly fascinating to me.  Meaghan’s ability for self-examination is quite remarkable.  In many other ways this book took me back.  Although I did not always feel as Meaghan did- her honesty was refreshing and it made me remember days where my biggest accomplishment was getting  a shower and wearing clean clothes. Quote- “Most of us swore we were not interested in having children, and those who might be were supposed to act blasé about the idea.  The only acceptable response other than “God, no” to the question of wanting children was “Oh, maybe someday.”  Wanting to have a baby was desperate quality in a woman, like wanting a relationship multiplied by a thousand, and it got more desperate with age. ”

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