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All The Light We Cannot See

By Anthony Doerr


544 pages

What’s it about? This book goes back and forth between two main characters coming of age right before and during World War II.  We see the war through the eyes of a young German boy as he moves from an orphanage into the life of a German soldier.  The other perspective is that of a young blind girl in Paris during the same time period.
What did it make me think about? It made me think of so many things but one thought was how hard it would have been to “be different” during this time in history.
Should I read it? Yes- you should definitely read it!
Quote- “Do you ever wish”, whispers Werner,” that you didn’t have to go back?” “Father needs me to be at Schulpforta.  Mother too.  It doesn’t matter what I want.” “Of course it matters.  I want to be an engineer.  And you want to study birds.  Be like that American painter in the swamps.  Why else do any of this if not to become who you want to be?” A stillness in the room.  Out there in the trees beyond Frederick’s window hangs an alien light. “Your problem, Werner,” says Frederick, “is that you still believe you own your own life.”

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