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All Our Wrong Todays

By Elan Mastai


369 pages

What’s it about? Tom Barren is living in 2016- but this 2016 is different.  It is a time when all the technological dreams of the 1950’s have come true and left the world in a utopian state.  Life is ideal- so why is Tom so miserable?   Heartbroken and alone, he uses a time machine and travels back to 1965 and accidentally alters the world.  Can he fix it? What did it make me think about? Well, isn’t the idea of parallel universes always interesting?  Unexpected consequences are also explored in these pages.  This book just makes you think about possibilities…. Should I read it? What is not to like about a book with a writer who talks directly to his readers, travels through time, and maybe can change the world?  This one was just a hoot.  It might have gotten a little long towards the end- but I still thought it was an awfully good book. Quote- “She’s particularly taken by a French philosopher named Paul Virilio, who writes about the accident- the idea that every time you introduce a new technology, you also introduce the accident of that technology, so you have a responsibility to anticipate not just the good it can do but also the bad it can wreak, not just the glory but also the ruin.”

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