the next good book

All Adults Here

By Emma Straub


354 pages

“In a time when all we want is hope, it’s a beautiful book to reach for.” -Jenna Bush Hager
“Literary sunshine.”–New York Times “The queen of the summer novel.”–Entertainment Weekly
What’s it about? Astrid Strick is the mother of three grown children- and a grandmother as well.  One day as she is doing errands a bus hurtles by and kills a woman right in front of her.  The victim is someone she has known for years. The shock seems to heighten her awareness of how quickly her time is passing.  With a renewed vigor she sets out to share her biggest secret, and also right some wrongs from her past as a mother. What did it make me think about? Does anyone ever get parenting completely right? Should I read it? This was a delightful book!  When I really think about it – the book did not have a stellar plot but I just did not seem to care.  The family was lovely.  Lots of family members doing their best with what they are given.  Lots of forgive and lots to love- just like most families.  I would recommend this one as a great beach read! Quote- ” That pierced her too- the thought of her children alone, none of the three of them quite adults, still, even now!  When she was their age, she’d been ancient.” ​” So much of becoming an adult was distancing yourself from your childhood experiences and pretending they didn’t matter, then growing to realize they were all that mattered and composed 90 percent of your entire being.”

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