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Agatha Of Little Neon

By Claire Luchette


271 pages

What’s it about? Agatha takes her vows to become a nun in her early twenties and spends the next nine years under the care of Mother Roberta and alongside Therese, Frances, and Mary Agatha working in the nursery.  Over time more and more professional daycares open and fewer and fewer babies come for the nuns to take care of.  The church decides to close the nursery and move the nuns to a new location.  Mother Roberta retires and the three sisters are moved together and put in charge of a halfway house serving recovering felons and addicts.“Four sisters in heavy habits, muttering Glory Bes, who slept with their mouths open and ate beef jerky straight from the plastic.  We were the opposite of invisible, but still difficult for people to see.  When people saw our habits, they ceased to see our faces.”
What did it make me think about? Who is called…
Should I read it? This slim novels reads like a series of short vignettes.   Sister Agatha really touched my heart.  She is worth getting to know.
Quote- “We’d come to Woonsocket to care for these people, but we had no idea what that meant.  We thought we had things to give them, prayer and compassion and mercy and home-cooked meals, but none of this was enough. It’s truer to say that we -or, I, at least-had come because we’d been told it was God’s plan, which a lot of the time has nothing to do with what you had in mind for yourself.”

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