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A Spool Of Blue Thread

By Anne Tyler


358 pages

What’s it about? This is the story of the Whitshank family.  The Whitshanks are an average American family living in Baltimore.  Through flashbacks we see the family as it was, and as it is in the present day.    The concerns of the Whitshanks are the concerns many families face over time.  It is a story with broad appeal. What did it make me think about? How very complicated all families are- even the ordinary ones. Should I read it? This is another book that centers more on character than plot.  The plot is almost non-existent, and yet I wanted to keep reading about the Whitshank family.  If you like a good character driven novel then I recommend this one. Quote- “The disappointments seemed to escape the family’s notice, though.  That was another one of their quirks: they had a talent for pretending everything was fine. Or maybe it wasn’t a quirk at all.  Maybe it was just familiar proof that the Whitshanks were not remarkable in any way whatsoever.”

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