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A Place For Us

By Fatima Farheer Mirza


382 pages

What’s it about? This book opens at a family wedding in California.  Hadia is getting married in a traditional Indian- Muslim ceremony.  Hadia’s mother, father, younger sister-Huda, and younger brother-Amar are all in attendance.  As the story opens you realize that for an unknown reason Amar is estranged from the family.  The rest of the novel goes back and forth in time and viewpoints to explain Amar’s place in the family. What did it make me think about? This book captures the complexity of family relationships.  It made me think of how we all see shared experiences so very differently.  This story emphasizes how our age, our generation, and our life experiences influence those viewpoints.   What grandparent can’t understand this quote-“ A young child was asleep on her father’s shoulder, her little feet bare, her mother following with her shoes hooked on curled fingers.  They had their whole lives ahead of them: they moved through the world where anything was possible and did not even know to be grateful for it. “ Should I read it? So this book has gotten a lot of hype because it is the first book from Sarah Jessica Parker’s line for Hogarth.  Such a shame as all the hype should be about this amazing new writer.  I thought this book was a treasure.  I wanted to slow down and just savor the last fifty pages.  One of my favorite books I have read in years!Don’t miss the one. Quote-couldn’t choose just one! “She knows her father.  His pride, his values, his adherence to religious rules.  They are more important than love.  More important than loyalty to one’s child.  She always sensed conditions to their parents’ love so she did nothing to threaten it.  Amar senses the same and only thought to test its limits.  See how far he could push them before they left him.” “We pray together and when it is time for us to ask our hearts desire, my first wish is that he remain steadfast in faith, and then, if he does not, that he never believe that God is a being with a heart like a human’s, capable of being small and vindictive.”

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