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A Gentleman In Moscow

By Amor Towles


462 pages

What’s it about? Count Alexander Rostov is 30-years-old when he is sentenced to house arrest in the Hotel Metropol in Moscow.  The novel opens in 1922 as the Count is on trial.  Count Alexander Rostov has lived in a world that will no longer exist in this new Russia.  Juxtaposing the Count’s old world sensibilities against the backdrop of a newly communist Moscow sets this story apart.  Seeing the changes in Russia through the eyes of the Count is brilliant. What did I think? I loved the whole book!  Count Alexander Rostov may go down as one of my favorite literary characters.  Amor Towles is fantastically talented! Should you read it? I highly recommend this novel! Quote- “ ‘I’ll tell you what is convenient,’ he said after a moment. ‘To sleep until noon and have someone bring you your breakfast on a tray.  To cancel and appointment at the very last minute.  To keep a carriage waiting at the door of one party, so that on a moment’s notice it can whisk you away to another.  To sidestep marriage in your youth and put off having children altogether.  These are the greatest of conveniences, Anushka- and at one time, I had them all.  But in the end, it has been the inconveniences that have mattered to me most.’ ”

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