the next good book

A Children’s Bible

By Lydia Millet


224 pages

What’s it about? This story centers around a dozen or so children who are all vacationing for the summer with their parents.  The parents spend most of their time talking, drinking, and basically ignoring all their parental duties.   When a large storm hits the compound the children decide to leave. What did it make me think about? Climate change and what we are leaving for our kids…..“And the proof is, there’s lots the same with Jesus and science,” Jack says. “Like, for science to save us we have to believe in it. And same with Jesus. If you believe in Jesus he can save you.” Should I read it? This is a beautiful book.  So very different- I could not begin to do it justice.  Just read it! Quote- ​    “Politicians claimed everything would be fine.  Adjustments were being made.  Much as our human ingenuity had got us into this fine mess, so would it neatly get us out.  Maybe more cars would switch to electric. ​      That was how we could tell it was serious.  Because they were obviously lying. We knew who was responsible, of course: it had been a done deal before we were born.”

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