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A Burning

By Megha Majumdar


288 pages

One of the most anticipated books of summer by theNew York Times, the Wall Street Journal,Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, O, Elle, The Millions, Lit HubA TODAY SHOW #ReadWithJenna BOOK CLUB PICK!
A Burning by Megha MajumdarWhat’s it about? Three lives intersect in present day India when a terrorist group bombs a train.  The bombing sets off a series of events.  Jivan is a young Muslim woman accused of helping the terrorists after she carelessly posts a flippant comment on Facebook.  PT Sir is her old teacher, who in the aftermath of the attacks finds himself immersed in a right wing political party.  And finally, Lovely is an aspiring actress who might finally be realizing all her dreams.  The public wants someone to pay and Jivan is chosen by the authorities as that someone.  Will Lovely and PT Sir take a stand or will they use this situation to further their own ambitions.  This novel goes back and forth between the characters to give us a unique perspective on India.What did it make me think about? India- complicated problems and I am sure complicated solutions. Should I read it? This was a quick page-turner with an interesting plot and plenty to think about. What would we choose if the direction of our lives would be forever changed? ​ Quote- “I admired these strangers on Facebook who said anything they wanted to.  They were not afraid of making jokes.  Whether it was about the police or the ministers, they had their fun, wasn’t that freedom?”

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