the next good book

56 Days

By Catherine Ryan Howard


305 pages

What’s it about? Ciara and Oliver meet just as Covid hits Dublin.  The lockdown threatens to end their new relationship.  Should you move in with someone you barely know? What did it make me think about? Catherine Ryan Howard has quite an imagination! Should I read it? This is a novel for all those who love a mystery with lots of good twists and turns. Quote- “The truth is, however well this may seem like it’s going they don’t know each other, not really.  This situation is revealing that, up close and in harsh lighting. They don’t know what the other does in times like this.  Are they the kind of person who wears a mask before it’s mandatory and disinfects their phones and wipes their groceries down, or are they drinking cans in the park with friends on a sunny Saturday and sneering at anyone who tut-tuts as they pass.”  

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