We Are The Brennans

When Sunday Brennan finds herself in the hospital, and charged with a DUI. she finally makes the tough decision to go home again.

Billy Summers

“The dumb self might be a shuck, but this is true: he only does bad people.  It’s how he sleeps at night.  It goes without saying that he has made a living working for bad people, yes, but Billy doesn’t see this as a moral conundrum. He has no problem with bad people paying to have other bad people killed.  He basically sees himself as a garbageman with a gun.”


“That was, I thought, the prospect offered by a new relationship, the opportunity to be someone other than yourself.” 

Four Winds

“Once, Elsa would have said, God will provide, and she would have believed it, but her faith had hit the same hard times that had struck the country.  Now, the only help women had was each other”

Razorblade Tears

This is a solid mystery that explores racial tensions, regrets, and intolerance.

Harlem Shuffle

” ‘Entrepreneur?’ Pepper said the last part like manure.  ‘That’s just a hustler who pays taxes.’ “

Favorites of 2021

So many great books in 2021.  I chose these as favorites for a variety of reasons.

When Ghosts Come Home

Wiley Cash writes beautifully and he has created lots of interesting characters to fill in his story. Any fan of mysteries will enjoy this book.