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Character Driven


The Berry Pickers

"Some secrets are so dark that it's best they remain buried.  Even people who exude light and happiness have dark secrets."

Greta & Valdin

"The houses in the suburb are too big, too grand, and the trees are too tall and imported.  People have gates with keypads to protect themselves from each other.  Expensive dogs yap through black iron bars as you walk by, letting you know you aren't supposed to be there.  I always walks a bit more hastily than I usually do here, just in case the police come and take me away.  Maori male, approx. thirty years, thin build, seen enjoying the shade of a colonial tree.  Witnesses include a $3000 Pomeranian and ten high-tech home security systems."

Going Infinite

"He knew he should feel grateful to Jane Street for finding value in him that no one else had, but he also knew that he didn't. 'To be truly thankful, you have to have felt it in your heart, in your stomach, in your head,- the rush of pleasure, of kinship, of gratitude,'  he wrote. 'And I don't feel those things. But I don't feel anything, or at least anything good.  I don't feel pleasure, or love, or pride, or devotion.  I feel the awkwardness of the moment enclosing on me.  The pressure to react appropriately, to show that I love them back.  And I don't, because I can't.' "

For many different reasons these books have been special to me over the years.  

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