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You Are Here

"One or two more people, that was all she really needed, one or two that she could love."

Real Americans

"Once she had believed that connection meant sameness, consensus, harmony.  Having everything in common.  And now she understood that the opposite was true: that connection was more valuable- more remarkable- for the fact of differences.  Friendship didn't require blunting the richness of yourself to find common ground.  Sometimes it was that, but it was also appreciating another person, in all their particularity."

Picasso’s War

I get that. I think we all have some things we could talk through with a good therapist. I hope they all rise to the occasion today but families are hard and Dodd is struggling (from what I know) and that is hard for everyone in the best of times.

For many different reasons these books have been special to me over the years.  

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