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Lucy by the Sea

"And when I found out I had been living a parallel life, a dishonest life, it crushed me.  But I have often thought that it made me a nicer person, I really do.  When you are truly humbled, that can happen.  I have come to notice this in life.  You can become bigger or bitter, this is what I think."

The Book of Goose

"But were we not, in a sense, two blind girls?  One would walk everywhere as thought not a single mine were buried in the field.  The other would not find the courage to take a step because the whole world was a minefield. Had they not been placed side by side by fate, they would lived out their different lots. But that was not the case for us.  Fabinenne and I were in this world together, and we had only each other's hands to hold onto.  She had her will.  I, my willingness to  be led by her will."

Remarkably Bright Creatures

“Tova lowers into a chair near the end of the table, picturing the menagerie of porcelain figurines and polished crosses that have always lived on the shelf over Mary Ann’s kitchen sink wrapped in tissue and loaded into a cardboard box, where they’ll likely stay for years until some unfortunate younger family member happens upon them and must decide how to get rid of them.”

Between Two Kingdoms

"That night, I began to think about how porous the border is between the sick and the well.  It's not just people like Bret and me who exist in the wilderness of survivorship. As we live longer and longer, the vast majority of us will travel back and forth across these realms, spending much of our lives somewhere in between.  These are the terms of our existence.  The idea of striving for some beautiful, perfect state of wellness?  It mires us in eternal dissatisfaction, a goal forever out of reach."          "To be well now is to learn to accept whatever body and mind I currently have."

For many different reasons these books have been special to me over the years.  

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