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I Cheerfully Refuse

"It's taken all my life to learn protection is the promise you can't make.  It sounds absolute, and you mean it and believe it, but that vow is provisional and makeshift and no god ever lived who could keep it half the time."

Picasso’s War

I get that. I think we all have some things we could talk through with a good therapist. I hope they all rise to the occasion today but families are hard and Dodd is struggling (from what I know) and that is hard for everyone in the best of times.

We All Want Impossible Things

"Hospice is just so existentially weird.  It's like you walk in under a giant banner that says, EVERYONE HERE IS DYING! but then most of the time you're just making small talk and quesadillas, trying to find something to watch on Netflix, or wondering if there's any pie left."

For many different reasons these books have been special to me over the years.  

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